Reblog: How to be Less of an A$$#ole in Life and Relationships

This hits so close to home that my windows are rattling.

Must Be This Tall To Ride

you're an asshole Yes, even you. (Image/ Sometimes I’d walk into the living room tofind my wife watching 16 and Pregnantor some other TV show I thought was stupid or morally baseless.

I could have ignored it.

I could have sat with her to try to better understand the things she liked and why.

I could have suggested another activitythat didn’t involve TV or seem stupid to me.

But instead of those mature and relationship-nurturing alternatives, I usually acted like an asshole.

I think deep down in the furthest recesses of my heart and subconscious, I believed I was doing the right thing by reacting negatively.

Because I loved my wife and wanted her to be the best person she could be, I didn’t want her to enjoy watching things that were “beneath” her or “bad” for her.

Because I thought television programming like MTV’s 16 and Pregnantwas ultimately a bad…

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