Not So Twitterpated – Help a Gal Out!

I am CLEARLY showing my age here by my complete lack of instinct when it comes to technology.

It’s not my fault.  When I was a kid, the phone was attached to the wall, and postcards went in the mailbox.


Tonight started with a food binge that spiralled quickly out of control.  Once all the food was gone, it morphed into online shoe shopping.

In order to break the cycle of excess, I decided it’d be cool to have a Twitter account.

I mean, that’s fun.  Right? Or, at least, distracting?  BECAUSE DON’T I NEED ANOTHER TIME SUCK?

And it has to be easy, because everyone is doing it. Right?


You can follow me there…but how do I find all you lovely people?

Gimme your handle or nom-de-at-sign or whatevs, and I’ll follow ya.

Love and shoes,

Kate.  AKA @carrotkatie

10 thoughts on “Not So Twitterpated – Help a Gal Out!

I love comments almost as much as shoes and coffee...hint, hint.

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