Nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

One of the cool things about chucking your thoughts at the interwebz is the camaraderie and support you get from other bloggers.  There’s a whole virtual neighborhood out here – it’s a place where you can actually pick your neighbors, no less! – and you’ll find a huge variety of folks:  Some just like you and some completely different.  Some old enough to be a grandparent and some young enough to be your grandchild.  Some who write for the love of writing and some who write so they don’t implode, crumbling and falling under the weights they carry.  Some who suffer deeply, some who uplift and shed light everywhere they go, and some who manage to do both.

I am honored to meet you.  And you have no idea how much GOOD you are doing, simply by being here.  You can’t know how much it means when you simply click, “Like.”  It means I’ve been heard.  I’m valid.  And maybe, if I’m lucky, something I wrote resonated with you.

I get so much more from this community than I give.  And today, I see that the very talented cassandrarei has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  She inspires ME every time she posts!

Thank the person who nominated you for the award.

Thank you Cass!  Please keep writing.  You add so much to this community!

Add the logo to your post.

(I love the retro feel.  I feel underdresssed in my Cookie Monster PJs)


Nominate ten (10) bloggers you admire and inform them of the nomination.

There are so many talented writers out there….

The Persistent Platypus – love her energy

betternotbroken – sage advice and thoughts

The Ninth Life – inspiring and uplifting

Storyshucker – Just a good read that makes you think!

The Elephant in the Room – A brave soul.

This Little Diary – like the chocolate chip cookie at the end of your meal – just right!

karmasama – bite-sized smiles

theGoodVader – food for thought, and easily digestible

Living to thrive  – great balance of info, inspiration, and hope!

Vogue Infatuation – she lets me get my girly fix on!

<wild applause and standing ovations>

I love comments almost as much as shoes and coffee...hint, hint.

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